Master Eric AH-Yuen has developed a unique training system where the use of martial arts combined with golf fitness makes him the only Strength and Conditioning Coach worldwide specializing in this area. Eric is the only Strength and Conditioning Coach using this training system on the PGA TOUR which addresses the needs of golfers at the highest level. He is the very best in his field and i have his extraordinary training ability to thank for my athletic and financial success on the course.” 

Robert Garrigus, PGA Tour Winner


My success on the PGA Tour is directly attributable to his extraordinary strength and conditioning abilities. The training “Ninja” developed for me as a Strength and Conditioning Coach allowed me to hit my physical peak and perform at the highest level in professional golf”

John Huh, PGA Rookie of the Year and Winner


Ninja’s innovative treatment program succeeded for me and has had a significant impact on my career. His role as my Strength and Conditioning Coach have been critical to my injury recovery and performance on the PGA TOUR”

Arjun Atwal, PGA Tour winner


Mr. Ah-Yuen is the very best in his field and i have his extraordinary Strength and Conditioning ability to thank for my athletic and financial success on the course, no to mention my ability to play without pain and discomfort. Mr. Ah-Yuen has applied advanced training to my program which has helped me maintain a high level of performance among the world’s elite golfers. His experience in training professional golfers puts him at the forefront of the elite athlete strength and conditioning. His innovative treatment and program succeeded for me where others had failed.”

Garth Mulroy, PGA Tour & European Tour player


Eric’s program will help a great deal in taking your game to the next level. As a coach he is a motivational force and definitely pushes me to work harder than I ever have before. He has been more than helpful every step of the way and on top of being a great trainer he is a generous and honest person; all of which are reasons why I know that with his help I will be able to achieve the goals that we have set for both the short and long term.”

 Ryan Nowack, 20 yrs old, Amateur Collegiate Player

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