Strength Performance Coach



After winning my gold medal at the World Championship, I was injured and had to take some time off training.  During that time, I found my new passion in the sport of GOLF.

I have discovered that there are so many similarities in the two sports even though they are completely different.  They both require focus, concentration, precision and flexibility as well as mental and physical strength.  Coming from a Martial Arts background I realized that I can use my knowledge and years of experience to help golfers improve their performance on the course.

I have completely fallen in love with golf and having trained Professional and Olympic athletes at my facility in Ottawa, Canada, I decided to change my whole focus into training professional golfers.  The sport of Golf has completely changed my life.

Today, I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach on the PGA TOUR and I thrive on making my athletes stronger and better every day.  I feel very fortunate that I get to live my new passion by training the best golfers in the world and be in the action of competing at golf’s highest level every week.



One of the biggest duties of a true martial artist is to be able to pass on the knowledge to the next generation. It is a very rewarding feeling as a coach to see my students achieve what they have been working so hard for.

I have been very fortunate and proud to have been the National Team Coach and trained some outstanding National Team Athletes who have gone on to win the World and National Championships.  I am always very proud of all my students for their dedication to me and to the art itself.

But I have to say two of my biggest thrills were to see two of my own athletes whom I trained since a very young age, Steven Wan Kam and Andy Sparks, win the World Championships in Italy and in St. Louis, USA.  And the other one was to watch my training partner, Sayed Najem, compete in two Olympics, winning a silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics in Spain.